Episode # | Title Song Titles Artist Scene Description

2x01 - "The Fisher King (Part 2)" "The Riddle" Five for Fighting  - Ending montage ensemble cast picks up the pieces after the case
"Gravity" Sara Bareilles
"Heaven's a Lie" Lacuna Coil
"Gravity of Love" Enigma
"You and I Both" Jason Mraz

2x02 - "P911" "Set Me Free" Sweet

2x03 - "The Perfect Storm" "Only the Good Die Young" Billy Joel -  Played on DVD of Laura Clemensen

2x04 - "Psychodrama" "Our Lips Are Sealed" Hillary and Haylie Duff  - Children's party scene at end of episode.
"Hate" Drowning Pool
"Love without Pain" Fucious

2x05 - "The Aftermath" "Clementine" Elliott Smith
"Faith Hope Love" Starsailor
"Hallelujah" Jeff Buckley
"Tears and Rain" James Blunt

2x06 - "The Boogeyman" "Blue Light of the Flame" Dar Williams  - A police car takes Jeffrey Charles away while his father watches, and Morgan nods in apology. Later, on the jet, Reid turns to talk to Morgan.

2x07 - "North Mammon" "Suddenly I See" K.T. Tunstall  -Polly, Brook, and Kelly drive to Kelly's house.

2x09 - "The Last Word" "Field Below" Regina Spektor  - The team, on the jet, passes around a fax of an article about the Hollow Man's victims.

2x10 - "Lessons Learned" "All the Love in the World" Nine Inch Nails

2x11 - "Sex, Birth, Death" "Where is My Mind?" The Pixies  - On the streets of Washington D.C., prostitutes look for customers. As day breaks, a man stabs one of them to death.
"I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)" Eagles of Death Metal  - While Nathan is typing on his computer.

2x12 - "Profiler, Profiled" "In Times Like These" Mavis Staples -  Morgan, his family, James Barfield, Damien Walters's
"Easy, Easy, Easy" Timothy McNealy
"The Riddle" Five for Fighting
"You and I Both" Jason Mraz

2x13 - "No Way Out (1)" "At Last" Etta James  -Opening Sequence
"Break Me Down" Catch 22
"In the Air Tonight" Nonpoint

2x14 - "The Big Game" "Push It" Rick Ross  - Playing at the bar where the team is hanging out.
"Game On" Disciple Promo that followed for Part 2.
"Kick, Push" Rick Ross

2x15 - "Revelations" "Sympathy for the Devil" The Neptunes (cover of a Rolling Stones song)  - The BAU and local cops search for Reid in and around Tobias Hankel's house.
"The Funeral" Band of Horses  - The team find Reid kneeling over Tobias's body.

2x17 - "Distress" "Ghost Towns Along the Highway" John Mellencamp  - Near the beginning
"Sumpin" The Pimps  - Start of episode, in the construction site.

2x19 - "Ashes and Dust" "Boadicea" Enya - At the start of the episode, when the fire starts.
"Grey Room" Damien Rice  - End of episode.

2x21 - "Doubt" "Close Your Eyes" Criminal Minds
"Gravity" John Mayer
"Times Like These" Foo Fighters

2x21 - "Open Season" "Monsters" Band of Horses  - End of episode
"More Than A Feeling" Boston - On radio when Bobby Baird is tied up the in car.

2x22 - "Legacy" "At Last" Etta James
"Back to the Stars" Dark Ocean
"Left for Dead" Citizen Cope  - The team questions the homeless

2x23 - "No Way Out (2): The Evilution of Frank "I Just Want to Celebrate" Rare Earth  - Opening scene.
"You and I" O'Bryan
"Nasty Girls" Criminal Manne
"Blue Light of the Flame" Dar Williams