Episode # | Title Song Titles Artist Scene Description

3x01 - "Doubt" "Wolf Like Me" TV on the Radio  - Opening scene, team arrives at airport
"Wait" The Kills  - Morgan and Prentiss wait for an ambulance
"New Noise" The Refused
"Lazy Eye" Silver Sun Pickups  - Playing in security guard's car
"Cat Claw" The Kills  - Anna Begley cuts her hair
"Barely Holding On" Wes Nickson
"Stuck Between Stations" The Hold Steady

3x02 - "In Birth and Death" "Make A Memory" Bon Jovi  - Opening sequence -Unsub prepares to kill his third victim
"Broken" Lifehouse  - End of episode
"Get it Poppin" Nelly

3x03 - "Scared to Death" "Broken" Lifehouse
"Barely Holding On" Wes Nickson
"Can't Find My Way" Phil Collins
"River of Darkness" Kalli  - End scene, as Morgan and Hotch talk on plane.
"Tambourine" Steffan Fantini

3x04 - "Children of the Dark" "Hope There's Someone" Antony & The Johnsons
"Show Me" John Legend
"To Build a Home" The Cinematic Orchestra  - End of episode
"When the Music's Not Forgotten" Deadman

3x05 - "Seven Seconds" "The Moment I Said It" Imogen Heap  - At the end of episode

3x06 - "About Face" "Home" Daughtry  - Near the end when they found the 2nd victim alive.
"I'm Goin' Home" Hootie & the Blowfish
"I'm Walkin'" Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

3x07 - "Identity" "Pride and Joy" Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble  - Throughout the episode

3x08 - "Lucky" "Sittin' in the Dark" Louis Armstrong  - Beginning of episode

3x09 "Penelope" "Heroes" David Bowie  - At the end of the episode - Kevin and Garcia finally meet
"Virtually Happy" Holly  - Golightly Kevin and Garcia have a cyber war.

3x10 - "True Night" "Harlem Nocturne" Original Broadway Cast - Opening scene
"Atom Bomb" Fluke
"Ooh La" The Kooks
"Absurd" Fluke

3x11  - "Birthright" "Honky Tonk Woman" Rolling Stones - Played when the unsub "Charlie" had the girls dance for him
"Skin and Bones" Jet
"Where the Devil Don't Stay" Drive by Truckers  - At the beginning while the teens party.
"Decoration Day" Drive by Truckers  - At the end, Rossi and the officer talk, the team goes out.

3x12 - "3rd Life" "Umbrella" Rihanna - At the end, Jack and his daughter move to a new home.
"My Hero" Foo Fighters

3x13 - "Limelight" "Barely Breathing" Duncan Sheik
"Sweet Beliefs" Cyann & Ben  - Reid and Rossi go through the Unsub's notes

3x14 "Damaged" "We'll Get By" Gary Louris  - Montage at end of show

3x15 - "A Higher Power" "Shambala" Three Dog Night

3x16 - "Elephant's Memory" "Rapture" HURT  - The promo trailer/commercial.
"Hurt" Johnny Cash
"The Man Comes Around" Johnny Cash

3x17 - "In Heat" "Since You've Been Around" Rosie Thomas